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I am a fan of Parokya ni Edgar
Philippine's National Anthem? Lupang Hinirang. National Hero? Jose Rizal. National Band? Definitely, Parokya ni Edgar. Eraserheads on the other hand also deserves the title. But PnE, of all bands in this sovereign island country in South-East Asia, is the one band that lasted for 2 decades (and still counting). PnE and E-Heads however are both renowned bands in the Philippines and E-Heads served as an inspiration of PnE during its early years. Kung ikaw ay sumasang-ayon, Parokya ni Edgar talaga ang maituturing na banda ng Tropa! 

In case you don't know, Parokya ni Edgar is a Filipino rock band famous for its novelty songs since 1993. Well, they don't do rock genre alone. Their versatility has given fans rap, acoustic, alternative, and pop tracks as well. The members of this award-winning band are Alfonso "Chito" Miranda (Vocals), Darius Gerard "Dar" Semaña (on Lead), Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses (on Bass), Gabriel Ignatius "Gab" Chee kee (on Rhythm), and Ferdinand "Dindin" Moreno (on Drums). Along with their success was a former band mate Francis Vincent "Vinci" Montaner who used to be the back up vocalist. 

Parokya ni Edgar's recent album entitled "Bente"
This Album was released last year 2013 in the month of November which celebrates the band's 20th anniversary as a group. In my opinion? This is the album every PnE fans would die to have. It includes 1 DVD and 2 CD's with its album cover all filled with random flashback photos of the band members. The DVD contains videos of their greatest hits, their newest single "Ang Parokya" featuring Gloc-9 and Frank Magalona, their first live performance, and a short documentary about the history of Parokya ni Edgar as told by the band members themselves. The title "BENTE" symbol as you can see is derived from the famous cartoon BEN10.

what's inside the album?
Parokya ni Edgar? in case you are asking how did they arrived from that band name. Let me tell you a brief history about this band (source from the documentary of this album) and how they came up as the band they are right now. It all started during the high school years of Chito (Vocals) and Gab (Rhythm) in Ateneo de Manila who were best friends since freshmen year. They jammed every after class and stayed at Chito's place and they used to jam songs from Eraserheads such as "Ligaya"- basically simple kids who just wanna have fun.

One day they were asked to perform by their English teacher onstage. Gab invited Chito and Vinci (who was just after the additional points in class). Also their former band mates Miko and Jeric were in the said performance. Onstage, they were all dressed in a very crappy, or should I say, funny outfits and all they wanted was to make fun of themselves (thus, the perfect way to describe them is a "Comic Relief"). While onstage, Jeric introduced the band and said "Magandang hapon, kami po ang Parokya ni Edgar.." which actually was from out of nowhere and so the band had no choice but to claim the title. 

ADMU had a major Christmas event and so strangely, they were asked to perform again. They had the support from the entire High school that they even had an entrance effect were the basketball members from their batch lined up for them. Their principal reprimanded them and asked them to stop due to such informal yet funny performance (parents were watching as well) but the more they got reprimanded, the more the show went on ("Parang rebellious rock stars dating natin nito ah." -Chito)

Spot Chito's sleepyhead face 
Eraserheads was their idol. When E-Heads had a concert, Parokya ni Edgar (once more) was asked to front in the said event. It was an overwhelming chance for them and it was their first gig ("Parang seryosohan na to. We need a band." -Gab). Later, they asked Dindin to play the drums for them. Buwi also entered the scene to play the Bass who was from a punk band "Looney Tunes" (Buwi was the former vocals). They all performed hilariously for fun, apparently, just to camouflage the lack of talent that time. Luckily, the manager of E-Heads had a connection and they were asked to perform in a nightclub located in Quezon City called Club Dredd. Since then, they started to earn and gained popularity. 

Universal Records discovered the talented band while witnessing one of their performances in Club Dredd and got a contract. Soon, they had the chance to release their first album. However, their guitarist (Miko) left the band and so, Buwi asked Darius (who was a legit guitarist of Looney Tunes) to play the lead. Thereafter, Khangkhungkherrnitz, their first album was released.

Parokya ni Edgar's rising action
The band became permanent and began to release platinum albums such as Buruguduystunstugudunstuy, Jingle Balls Silent Night Holy Cow, Gulong Itlog Gulong and Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers. Also, they began doing commercials and became endorsers of Coca-Cola, Mang Tomas, Nescafe, San Miguel Beer, Tanduay Rhum and other brands. Just recently this 2014, Parokya was finally awarded as Myx Magna Award Winner 2014 last March 26. They were the next rock band who was awarded this after Eraserheads in 2009.

To top it all off, Parokya ni Edgar has inspired a lot of fans (including me). Through their novelty music and humorous tracks, people of different interests sing along to one genre, the PnE genre. When your in love (Your Song), or having fun (Picha Pie), or making fun (Silvertoes), or just wanna get wasted (Inuman Na) well, PnE tracks keep you moving! Every segment of your life may be related to their hundreds of tracks. All you have to do is pick one and jam to it. Naaliw ang bawat pinoy sa bandang ito. Sila ang solid band ng bansa. Definitely, ito ang talagang maituturing na Banda ng Tropa!

PS:  Grab a copy of Bente as soon as possible! Thanks to someone who gave me this last time...

The list of Songs

1. Ang Parokya
2. Buloy
3. Maniwala Ka Sana
4. Silvertoes
5. Harana
6. Picha Pie
7. Halaga
8. Inuman Na
9. Swimming Beach
10. Sorry Na
11. This Guy’s In Love With You Pare
12. Mr. Suave
13. The Yes Yes Show
14. Chikinini
15. Your Song (My One And Only You)
1. Mang Jose
2. Para Sayo
3. Papa Cologne
4. The Ordertaker
5. Gitara
6. Bagsakan
7. First Day Funk
8. Macho
9. Akala
10. Boys Do Falling Love
11. Pakiusap Lang (Lasingin Nyo Ako)
12. Pangarap Lang Kita
13. One Hit Combo
Bonus Track
14. Salamat Po
Ang Mga Music Videos Ng Parokya:
1. Ang Parokya
2. Buloy
3. Maniwala Ka Sana
4. Silvertoes
5. Harana
6. Picha Pie
7. Halaga
8. Inuman Na
9. Swimming Beach
10. Sorry Na
11. Mr. Suave
12. The Yes Yes Show
13. Chikinini
14. Mang Jose
15. Para Sa’yo
16. Papa Cologne
17. The Ordertaker
18. Gitara
19. Bagsakan
20. First Day Funk
21. Macho (Version 1)
22. Macho (Version 2)
23. Akala
24. Pakiusap Lang (Lasingin Nyo Ako)
25. Pangarap Lang Kita (Version 1)
26. Pangarap Lang Kita (Version 2)
27. Pangarap Lang Kita (Version 3)
28. One Hit Combo
Espesyal Features
• Ang Kwento Ng Parokya
• Ang First Gig Ng Parokya


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