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Bohol's famous attractions
Hello. Have you been to Bohol? Have you been to a man-made forest,  to a historic church, to a floating restaurant and to Bohol's famous hills made of chocolate? Just kidding. Let me tour you through my photos and introduce you to one of the Philippine's finest attractions.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Bohol is known for its Tarsiers
It was last year in August 4 when we (together with my sister and mom) had our trip to Bohol. The first thing that came to my mind were the Tarsiers. At some point I thought that these creatures may be readily seen anywhere around that province. However, these primates were preserved in a Wildlife Sanctuary. If taken no action, these nocturnal species might not survive because they're threatened by the destruction of their natural habitat. We took a picture of the said little mammals without a flash in the camera since they're sensitive (hence their giant eyes).

Hey there! Wake up!

Have you seen a 17 year old python? Well, I crawled back in fear the moment I saw one in a Wildlife Sanctuary in Albuquerque, Bohol. She was named "Prony" and was caught in 1996 in one of Bohol's cemeteries and was named the biggest python in captivity. It weighed 280 kilograms and measured 23 feet! The center of her body was measured 34 inches. Bad news is that, this python superstar died a few days later after our trip. But good thing we had the chance to photograph this reptile beforehand.

Prony the largest python in captivity

Butterfly House Sanctuary

Butterfly samples. Bigger ones are female.

Another wildlife Sanctuary in Bohol is the Butterfly Sanctuary.

The butterflies were attracted to my sister!

Butterfly Sanctuary Garden

Loboc Riverwatch Floating Resto 

Perfect dining experience
View fronting the Riverwatch
Well, this tour was exciting yet frustrating and our tummy's couldn't wait any longer. The Loboc Riverwatch Floating Resto is the perfect place to satisfy the hunger and relax with the chance to appreciate nature. Hence the name itself, visitors dine in a buffet style meal while experiencing a boat ride and a tour around the beautiful Loboc river. In this moment, we had the time to dine with foreign visitors and witnessed every joy and happiness they felt in their stay in Bohol.

Buffet meal. Well, I had shrimps, chicken and soup for lunch. Yum!

The Floating Resto

Chocolate Hills

One of the many hills
A view of the Hills from the Observatory hill
214 steps leading to the observatory hill
Is this the real hill?
Close enough. Its just a poster from a photo souvenir shop.
The Chocolate Hills! Yeah. That's what we came for in Bohol. There are about 1,268 hills here and each hill is covered with grass which turn brown during the end of dry season. It may be perceived as baked hills hence the title itself. Most of it have a uniform shape which range between 30 to 50 meters in height. Well, before we had the chance to capture a photo of the Jewel of the Philippines, we had to climb up the 214 steps leading to the observatory hill for us to have a better view of the hills from a higher area. 

Chocolate Hills
Pose with the Hills sis!
With the family!

Blood Compact

The Blood Compact. The first alliance between the Spaniards and Filipinos happened.

Bilar Man-made Forest

A 2 kilo-meter stretch of Mahogany trees planted in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. 

Baclayon Church

Baclayon Church
Before the earthquake that damaged most of the historical churches in Bohol, we had the chance to visit one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. It was built in 1595 but the construction lasted until 1724. It is made of limestone and corals and were said to be built by Filipino laborers and Spaniards. It includes a museum with relics from the 16th century and has a 21 meter bell tower.

Baclayon Church' intricate design

The altar and the interior.
Photo with the family at Baclayon
Bohol and Cebu! An unforgettable experience! Filipino pride! Next time you plan to travel around the Philippines, make sure Cebu and Bohol is on your list!

Way back home! :)




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