So Let's Begin

Welcome to blogging!
Hello! It is my first time in the Blogger world. I have no idea how to start yet but let's just be positive about two things.. I am here to learn, and I am here to share! Now let's begin with an introduction shall we? 
I am but a normal chick with some wild thoughts. My best friend told me that blogging is kind of interesting and she encourage me to do so. Well, here I am! ...and I think I am enjoying it! Please bare with my grammar I am not a professional linguist unfortunately.
However, I am someone who I can be proud of. I am currently an Architecture student in a prestigious University. I am an artist,  a frustrated drummer, an amateur singer, and a cool girl. Not to mention I am interested in gaming and some other boy stuff. I am a 19 year old dreamer. For now, that's all I have to say. I welcome myself to the portal of freedom and words! Let the blogging begin! 


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This blog is original. Contents and photos in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated. If you have any concerns feel free to contact me at I hope you enjoyed your stay here ☺ Thanks and have fun !


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