Seafood Experience

The "Grab a Crab" Experience

"Grab a Crab" at Grab A Crab
I spent my last day of being an eighteen year old teen last April 25 with my friend at "Grab a Crab" at the SM Annex Ecoland branch (by the way, thanks Carl Angelo and your mom for this experience!). The pleasant sumptuous ambiance and luxury of the interiors increases one's desire for food. With its well-designed lighting and interior features, dining at "Grab a Crab" definitely satisfies one's craving and appetite.

The interior and the well-served table
The elegant lighting which illuminates from the ceiling gives a feeling of elegance. We entered the restaurant with a transition form the mall's general lighting into a more sophisticated atmosphere. The appetizing colors on the walls made us starve and excited to taste their delicious meals.

Fine dining
The waiters in this classy resto we're very accommodating. We we're given the menu and randomly ordered some lavish choices of meals. We craved for Seafood at the moment and so Grab a Crab is the perfect spot. The prices we're enough for such opulent service and mouthwatering delicacies.

We ordered a "sweet and sour fish fillet"
Yummy "Chicken Corn Soup"

These appetizing meals made us crave for more. It is a very tasteful moment which leave us satisfied. Aside from the meals, we enjoyed the elaborate design of the interior walls and the lighting as well. The mix of bold colors such as red and brown created an intimate atmosphere which psychologically made us "wanting  for more".

Some "Yangchow Rice" to fill us up
Another side dish "Fried Shrimp Balls"
The flavoresome meals at "Grab a Crab"
Together with some humorous conversations and a few laughs, this experience is definitely worth trying. We ended up all filled with its savory meals at a suitable price. This Seafood experience is an unforgettable one and will basically make you come back sooner. 

A very good partner for such meals. Some healthy mango shakes.
Experience "Grab a Crab" for some delectable meals, best service and elegant dining ambiance. All these are worth spending for at a priceless account. So yeah.. try it some time this summer! It is one of the perfect seafood places to experience this hot, scorching summer heat!

That's me satisfied LOL


  1. Hahahaha Kasarap ui! Kain tayo dyan ulit! Bonding tayo with yowmehn <3 :D




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