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Prince of Philippine Rock.
Recent Album of Bamboo entitled "No Water, No Moon"
One of the most anticipated albums in the OPM genre, this album was released last year 2013 on the 20th of November. I've been a fan of Bamboo since his band years and until now that he performs solo. So you could have imagined my excitement when I got this album. However, this is not the first album I had of Bamboo.

The cover art
The History
Well, I've been listening to his tracks since grade school and started researching about Bamboo since high school. To begin, Bamboo's real name is Francisco Ma├▒alac, born on March 21, 1976 in California. He started off as a front man in the award-winning band "Rivermaya" in 1993 with known artists such as Rico Blanco (on keyboards and back up vocals) and Nathan Azarcon (on bass). Songs such as "214", "Ulan" and "Awit ng Kabataan" ruled the OPM genre and the band gained popularity and success. However, Bamboo later on decided to leave the band in 1998.

The single CD and art cover
Lyrics of Bamboo's recent tracks
After the disband, Nathan Azarcon and Francisco Ma├▒alac met again and formed the rock band "Bamboo" in 2003 with Ira Cruz and Vic Mercado. They released four albums and top tracks such as "Hallelujah", "Noypi" and "Tatsulok". However, the band, in 2011, disbanded again.

My inspiration in OPM.. LOL
The song list
My Rants (Bamboo as solo)
In my opinion, yeah, I missed that Band! I mean, Bamboo having a solo career is cool (some of my classmates began to know him only during his role in The Voice Philippines as one of the judges) and he actually gained popularity as a solo artist right now.. but having that band that played OPM tracks with a mix of rock, a bit of jazz, topped with reggae and some island feels definitely is unforgettable!

Right now, I listen to Bamboo's new tracks as a solo artist such as "Carousel" and "Questions" which I think are also catchy and incredibly relaxing.. (I mean, you should buy this album so you'd know how I feel LOL).. I can't deny the fact that the most played songs in my playlist are still "Much Has Been Said", "Hallelujah", "Truth", "Probinsyana" and "So Far Away" which are all from the albums of the band years. Here is another album I had with the band Bamboo.

Past Album (Bamboo as a band)
Tomorrow becomes Yesterday
I find this album similar with Green Day's album 21st Century Breakdown which had its debut in 2009 wherein the tracks were mainly incorporated with thoughts about the era of selfishness, and bit of corruption may it be to government, media and politics. The song "Kalayaan" and "Kailan" where some of the tracks that mainly revolves around corruption in the politicians and what can we do to make a change in the nation.

Yes Bamboo as a band were part of the very first Tanduay Rhum First five.. and I could still remember that in that commercial of Tanduay, the track used was "Bagong Sigaw". Can you imagine the intense drum beat and the ultimate strum of the electric guitars matched with relaxing bass effects and of course, finished off with Bamboo's smooth, rocker voice? I definitely miss that band!! (cries). But I should say, he really is a good performer because band or no band, his songs are top-charting or I should say a definite ear candy to me.. 

Audio CD
Nevertheless, I am still an Avid of Bamboo. I mean, who wouldn't be a fan of this talented, handsome, OPM artist with such unique, stunning voice? Try visiting his official website for updates here in Bamboo Music Live Website. By the way, shout out to their former drummer Vic Mercado for his drumming in these splendid rock songs.. he is also one of my inspirations that's why I grew an interest in drumming.

Music Videos DVD
The Track List
All these albums "No Water, No Moon" (Solo album 2013) and "Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday" (Band album 2010) are some of my favorites in my album collections. So now you've known about my passion for Bamboo and how it would be a perfect day if I had the chance to meet him in person and take a selfie with him. LOL. So yeah.. by the way, shout out to Benn Arsenal for giving me the album "No Water, No Moon".. <3 

You might want to check out this awesome covers Bamboo made.. It is better than anything else. LOL.. Hope you enjoyed my blog! Thanks for dropping by..

Imagine (John Lennon 1971)
Waiting in Vain (Bob Marley 1977)
Hinahanap Hanap Kita (Rivermaya 1997)
Someone Like You (Adele 2011)




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