Family Bee Day: Grandest Picnic

Last May 10, Jollibee had the Grandest Picnic event at the Crocodile Park

I love Jollibee. I mean, I even had my 1st Birthday at Jollibee! I am a fan of this number one fast food chain in the Philippines. The taste of Jollibee never fails to satisfy Filipinos. This event was hosted by, well of course, Jollibee and every family in this event enjoyed lots of freebies, games and performances by some of the biggest stars in showbiz.. 

This is our version of #FAMFIE (family selfie). Shoutout to Ces who took this photo
If I say, Jolly you say Bee! If I say Bee you say Happy!
Families gathering around while waiting for the event to start
The History
Jollibee started in the year 1975. It was founded by Tony Tan Caktiong, a renowned Filipino-Chinese entrepreneur. He graduated in University of Santo Tomas with a degree of Chemical Engineering. He started his own ice-cream parlor business in 1975 until he decided to add dishes such as fries, burgers and chicken. In 1978, Jollibee became a fast-food chain. 

Free Jollibee cap at the event
Free Jollibee meals
Free umbrellas
Free picnic mat
According to PSE disclosures, currently in the Philippines, Jollibee (started in 1975- with 811 branches nationwide) ranked as the no. 1 fast food chain followed by Mang Inasal (2003- with 462 branches nationwide), Chowking (1989- with 400 branches nationwide), McDonald's (1981-with 389 branches nationwide), Pancake House (1970- 299 branches nationwide), Red Ribbon (1979- 278 branches nationwide) and Greenwhich Pizza (1994- 199 branches nationwide).

say Hi to my friends Ces, Lea and Kat!
The flying camera! I was amazed by this.

The program is about to begin
The #JollibeeFamilyBeeDay
This nationwide event was held in 5 locations- in Manila, Pampanga, Laguna, Cebu and Davao (for more infos visit Philstar). Yesterday, we had the chance to witness this fun event at the Crocodile Park here in Davao. Thousands of families gathered around to celebrate happiness with the one and only american-style fast food with Filipino-influenced meals.
Fun inflatable non-stop slide
The Booths
Kids were all thrilled and excited as Jollibee came onstage with his Jollitown family in the grand intro! Happiness is in the air..
Jollitown friends with the Jollibee kids 
Dance! Dance! Dance!
Hetty and Popo at the back!
I remembered my childhood wherein I used to have Jollibee toys
Jollibee and the gang were not the only ones who brought smiles to the families. The band Imago also came onstage to perform! So lucky for us to witness this band perform (for the first time) personally!

Welcome the Imago
Imago performs the song "Sundo"
Mayumi Gomez, the vocalist in this band is so gorgeous!
People were also excited to see these stunning celebrities in Primetime. Can you guess who they are? I just took "Paparazzi shots" below. LOL!

Can't believe I met them in person!
Say hi to Maja Salvador and Slater Young! OMG, I can't believe I met them in person! They both are so jaw-dropping. They star in the famous Primetime series "The Legal Wife" in ABS-CBN.
This is definitely the best shot I got. I mean, they both glanced at my cam!
Such gorgeous celebrities. I'm star-strucked!
Slater Young wearing the Jollibee cap.
The crowd (including me) all screamed the moment they entered the scene.  I mean, who would not be excited to see them? LOL.

More "Paparazzi shots" I took
Again more shots. I could no longer get any closer. Just too crowded LOL.
The crowd enjoying the event
Slater Young
Slater performed onstage. He even talked to Dabawenyos in visayan since he is a Cebuano. He used to be my bet in the Pinoy Big Brother days.. and now finally I just met him in person! I mean, he is a talented Chinese-Filipino actor, model and engineer, what more can you ask for? LOL.

Slater sings with Hetty :)

Cutie Slater Young
Maja Salvador
The final performer in the Jollibee Family Bee day was the stunning Maja Salvador. This 25-year old "Dance Princess of the Philippines" sang Dance Again by J-Lo and also performed a showdown with Jollibee. She is such a beauty in person! A young award-winning actress, dancer, model and producer, definitely a complete package!
Pretty Maja Salvador
Random shots of Maja performing
"Jollibee, dream ko kasing maka showdown ka" - Maja
Dance showdown with Jollibee
Haha. This is such a cute shot I took of Maja noticing a fan :)
Maja sings live
Jollibee? Were you star-strucked as well? LOL
Jollibee Happy Ending
After Maja's ending performance, confetti flew in the air. A definite happy ending! All the fun performances, freebies, food, raffles and of course Jollibee himself made each family glad as they exit the venue with smiles. :) 
Such a Happy Day!
Confetti! wee!
Happy Family Bee Day!
Live band ending performance
Such an unforgettable experience. By the way, shout out to Alyssa and Ces who made this experience happen! Another #Famfie pictures below!
Watta fun picnic!
The Company- from left: Me, Ces, Lea, Alyssa and Kat. My best buds in the world!

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