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The Amazing Spiderman 2 movie review

I personally haven't read the comics yet so I can't compare which is more amazing. But who cares, it is entitled "The Amazing Spider-man 2" after all. By the way, STOP reading from here if you haven't watched the movie yet.. some spoilers are awaiting. LOL.

As usual, Spider-man as we all know, has this conflict or struggle between himself as Peter Parker and as Spider-man. With his superhuman strength, speed, stamina, regenerative healing, precognitive spider sense and ability to cling on surfaces, Spider-man is bound to be a hero. Cliche as it is, every hero needs a woman to love.. in this movie, it's Gwen Stacy. She is one smart incoming college student and her father, George Stacy, got killed in one battle involving Spider-man and a villain. Before her dad's death, Spider-man was told to stay away from Gwen in order to keep her away from danger (which I think is one foreshadowing of this tragic movie.. oops! spoiler alert!).

This amazing movie is starred by real-life lovers Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, (awww!) also Dane Dehaan, and Jamie Foxx.

The Cast

So yeah, this film has an estimated budget of $200,000,000. No wonder the effects we're.. jaw dropping! Andrew Garfield (aside from being hot) did well in his acting from his transition as the average dude Peter Parker to the tough hero Spider-man. Having both personas made him struggle and undecided about a bunch of things.. such as saving the world or be the normal boyfriend of Gwen. 

Yes Gwen Stacy (not Gwen Stefani) also did great. Emma Stone portrayed the smart, lover of the said hero. She sure loves him anyways in real life! (Love in the air!!!!!)

Photo Courtesy: metro.co.uk
As I watched the movie, I saw Harry Osborn and his face was really familiar to me. Later I realized he was the dude in the sci-fi 2012 movie "Chronicle" which was also an awesome movie (watch it I suggest). He really is a good actor. In the movie Chronicle, he played the role of being a weird average guy who became an antagonist in the end. I say, his transition in this film The Amazing Spider-man from the friendly Harry Osborn (Spider-man's friend) into Green Goblin (Spider-man's villain) was astounding. Dane Dehaan is a good "Dynamic Character" actor. By the way, I found him having this similarity with one renowned actor. Guess who?

Close enough right?
The weird electrical engineer Max Dillon who is an avid fan of Spider-man who became a villain, Electro, in the latter was played by award-winning actor Jamie Foxx. Ironic for him to play an antagonist role, he still did an astonishing acting. Having played a dynamic character also affects the costumes as well. I wonder how they did his glowing, blue-skinned, high voltage look? By the way, in the comics, Electro was originally wearing a classic yellow, green suit.. But in this film, the character's look was redesigned in order to be more grounded and suitable for a modern superhero film.

The transformation of look. Which one looks baddass?
Another super villain named Rhino, portrayed by Paul Giamatti, was seen in the hanging-end of the movie (leaving audience wonder what happened to that battle between Spider-man and Rhino). It is said that this fictional character Rhino made its cinematic debut or first appearance on cinema in this film. Viewers are excited about how Spidey is going to kick this villain to an end. The Amazing Spider-man 3 perhaps? 

Other roles where played by Colm Feore as Donald Menken (the professional dude who injected Harry Osborn with the Green Goblin chemical), Felicity Jones as Felicia (the sweet assistant of Harry), Sally Field as Aunt May (the caring adoptive mom of Peter Parker), Campbell Scott as Richard Parker (Peter Parker's biological dad) and Max Charles as the young Spider-man (the brave kid in the ending who summoned Rhino).

The Architecture

Oscorp Logo
The incredibly stunning architecture so far in this film is the Oscorp Tower. In the film, it houses many animal test subjects, top secret experiments, bio labs, robotic labs and many other science stuff I am unfamiliar with. The question is, where is this Oscorp Tower located?

Screen shot from the film
It is unsure where this tower is located though due to some inconsistencies in the film. However, it is said that the Oscorp Tower is filmed in the location of the Hearst Tower in Manhattan. The exterior was said to be edited for the film, but the interior in the film was exactly shot inside the Hearst Tower.

The real building Hearst Tower and the Oscorp Tower
The Hearst tower is definitely amazing than the comic version's interiors. This tower is designed by renowned British architect Norman Foster. Just be amazed about the film's interior in Oscorp tower. You are actually looking at a similar setting of the Hearst Tower's dumbfounding interiors. By the way, the Hearst Tower is the first "Green" high-rise office building completed in New York.

Screen shots from the film
The original interior of Hearst Building
With just a few edits, the interior in the film really looked high-tech and sci-fi. Anyway, let's take a look at the exterior of Oscorp. I did some deep research and guess what I found, this building looks similar with the Al Hamra Tower. Al Hamra tower is located in Kuwait built in the year 2004 and completed in 2011. It is said to be worth $500 million, has 77 floors and has a height of 412.6 meters.

Similar right?
That high-tech Oscorp Building indeed is one of the futuristic establishments in a film. Also, such building needed an inspiration for it to be fitted in the film. The Hearst tower had geometric lines, then the Oscorp had Hexagonal Diagrid steel supports. The Al Hamra had a combination of curves and lines in the exterior, so as the Oscorp Tower. Amazing architecture!

Oh by the way, Oscorp Industries appears in this movie and its sequel video game. In order to promote the movie and game, Marvel Entertainment created an official Oscorp Industries website.. I tried searching for it and I found this. I'm not 100% sure but I think this is the site Marvel created LOL! Click >> Oscorp Industries Official Website ..

The Tragedy 
Well, I told you not to read this when you haven't seen the movie. I'm gonna spoil some facts. To those who haven't read the comics... Gwen Stacy will die! 

Gwen Stacy at the clock tower
So yeah, that's how it is going to end. Green Goblin fought Spider-man and, well the cliche, a girl has to get in the way. It is struggle for Spidey between eliminating the villain and saving the woman of his life. Originally, this battle scene is supposed to be shot in the Brooklyn bridge.. but in the film, the setting was in a clock tower.

The part when Gwen Stacy died
That moment when Spidey was battling with Green Goblin, Gwen Stacy fell. However, Spidey had the chance to save her with his web. Gwen held on but unfortunately, the web cut off and so the slow motion effect went on where Spider-man did his best to save Gwen. Initially, he thought he had saved her, but was crushed to discover that he didn't.. 

Analysis of Her Death
Well, personally I think, Spidey could have saved her if he released his web earlier. Due to the high velocity of the fall and the neglected air resistance Gwen had a great impact on the ground.. because of the inertia, internal bleeding occured in her head which I think can cause instant death! Spidey should have considered the speed of gravity and the amount of time he had to save Gwen! also he should have considered the yield point of his web and the strain to which the material is to break or deform... (LOL! I learned this in school so I analyzed some stuff here haha) Oh my gosh, too much rants about Gwen's death.. 

By the way, Emma Stone wore the same outfit Gwen Stacy had in the comics in her "Death" scene

Why the Clock Tower?
Well, Marc Webb (the Director) did an amazing job in this film. From the effects to the sequence of scenes and its transition, to the setting and make up.. definitely mind-blowing! Also the tragic part when Gwen died in the clock tower was also important. He chose the Clock tower instead of the bridge to make it more dramatic. This just Proves that even a superhero with extraordinary abilities could not stop time..

Thanks for the productive night guyz LOL
So yeah this is my review about the film. Hope you enjoyed my blog! I'm gonna rate this film 4.5 out of 5! Just so incredibly outstanding...

Who do you think will be the actress for the role of Mary Jane
- Mila Kunis? Jennifer Lawrence? Megan Fox? I don't know .. LOL who's your bet? comment below.

Disclaimer: photos are not mine. I don't own them.


  1. i disagreed that dane looked a bit like leo.. i mean they both looked like me.. hehehehe.. but nice blog though




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