Yeng Constantino for Samsung

The talented rocker live at SM Annex last May 24, 2014.
Pretty Yeng on a mini concert

Samsung Philippines has given everyone an opportunity to avail of the 1000 php discount on every purchase of Galaxy Star Plus phone and a meet and greet with Yeng Constantino! Be a part of this mall tour event because lots of surprises are awaiting!

Yeng greets Dabawenyos
Galaxy Star Plus now has three awesome phone features: Android, 4-inch Screen and Dual Sim. With its superior performance and smart experience, this phone proves that quality does not have to come at a price. Originally at 4,990 php, a 1000 php discount is availed for every purchase at the said mall tour events (only one day discount!).. You not only have an autograph and selfie with Yeng, but also a knock-off discount on this amazing technology. 

Quick Trivia: May 24 is the debut of her single "Chinito"
Yeng performs her own version of Magasin by E-heads
Nice outfit!
Yeng Constantino (or Josephine Constantino) was born on December 4, 1988. She began in the reality TV Show Pinoy Dream Academy in ABS-CBN where she was hailed as "Grand Star Dreamer". This 25 year old award-winning Filipina rocker has released a couple of chart topping tracks such as "Salamat", "Hawak Kamay", "Jeepney Love Story" and "Chinito" and also garnered the title of Best Female Artist (Philippine Digital Music Awards 2009), and Favorite Female Artist for four straight years (MYX Music Awards 2011-2014).

See that ring? Yeng is engaged (and definitely in love) with her sweet boyfriend Yan! <3
Stunning voice on a live performance
Check out Yeng's mall tours on the table below. Also, those who will line up in the said venue will have a chance in the "meet and greet" with this talented star.

Autograph signing
My companion just won this free "Metamorphosis" album of Yeng!
Group picture please. LOL
It's just so unforgettable to meet (for the first time) Yeng Constantino! I was once a fan of her during her "Hawak Kamay" years and adored her pleasing and positive personality. She definitely is a good example to the youth. By the way, there's me and my friend with the awesome Yeng below. Hihi.. 

Grab the chance to Get a Star, meet a Star with Yeng Constantino!

Hello! Selfie with the star!


  1. Great event and moment. My first time to know Yeng Constantino.
    Thanks for stopping by, sis. You have lovely and unique name.




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