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Hello. So I have this new portion in my blog where I get to display my passion. I've been painting since I was a kid.. and I considered it as a talent I got from my mom. Painting is like a way for me to relieve my stress and express myself which I can't show in real life. Introverts like me enjoy spending some time at some point of the day alone doing whatever the heck we want. I spend mine through art.. and yes this hobby calms my nerves and makes me leave reality for awhile and travel to another universe. Please no judging for this is an art made by an average, non-professional artist. Thanks!

The Meaning Behind
So this painting was made during my freshmen year in college. Of course, there is this inner high school conscience in every freshmen that still hasn't left. It's like a part of you still dwell in high school as one enters college. During our humanities class, we were asked to paint about anything. Basically just bring out the artist in you.. and so since high school days seem to be just too close for me to move on, I decided to paint on something I will never forget about high school.

Can you see the meaning in this painting? That's not just a normal landscape anyway. There are three elements visible in this art.. The mountains, the trees and time.

The mountains actually signify about discovering oneself. It's hard to do hiking in steep mountains right? People in high school tend to think it is the best years of their lives. Labels are also a trend like popular kids, nerds, losers and such. But as one enters college, everything doesn't matter anymore. College is not a joke and having a so-called status is not that necessary anymore because all that matters is how to pass that calculus class and ace every subject to avoid deficiencies in your grades which may possibly lead you to one option- leaving the university. What happens in college is you becoming more independent, responsible and open-minded. Labels, if not totally, seem to vanish in college because people are too busy minding their own business in studying for finals than wasting time picking on people (unless one is really a total bully who remains immature and has nothing to do in life!). Yes, high school is fun but it is not yet the final stage. We discover who we are in high school so that we could be ready to face college- picking the right course, making right decisions and having some fun as well. If one reaches the highest point of the mountain, one sees a vast panorama of views beyond that you can't see when your on ground line. It is like when you've found yourself, you get to have a wide options and possibilities which gets you ready to face the real-life battles.

The trees are a bit more personal. They portray my high school friends who never left me despite the challenges I've encountered. Count the trees.. 7 right? Back in high school, I had the seven most precious friends who are real and true. They were whom I consider my second family.. and they don't just call you during parties or fun times. They've got your back when the table turns against your favor or when you've feel like the world is against you. Why do you think I used pine trees? Well, I didn't plan on that.. I just had a Christmas Tree in mind that's all. Thus, they basically give me joy.  Also, as you can see the trees seem distant from each other. This is because after high school, we all had our separate ways. Nonetheless, we remain together in friendship.

The time portrayed in this painting, as you can see, is inconsistent. How in the world can day and night be together in one clock? Well this is art and I can express things as what my mind speaks. The mountains and the trees are mirrored back to the night scene in one fabric of time. Yes time can't be stopped.. and if it were possible that the night and day be simultaneous, it would probably be in total chaos.. but here, a different message is shown. Tranquility despite chaos is conveyed. Together with your real friends and experiences gained, you get to have memories. Memories that even time can't fathom.

So yeah, it's been a while since I had this painting stuck in my closet and I think it deserves to be shown before it gets damaged. Hence, the Gallery button is made. Click it located below the header to check out my weekly posts. Hope you enjoyed this! Comments are very much appreciated. :) Thanks!!!

Copyright:  The painting is mine. Any form of grabbing without permission and changing credits is against the law. Feel free to contact me at for questions.


  1. The painting is nice!

    -Kathie K
    I followed you via GFC , follow back?!

  2. Wow, you've got some real talent, girl! :) Nice painting!

    Check out my recent post: Weekly Wishes #1 :)

  3. Love it. You're a talented artist.




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