Sick of Blackouts?

Here in the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao, rotating blackouts are occurring everyday (since a month ago). I mean, a blackout for a day is fine.. but everyday? (and like 3hrs, sometimes twice a day!).. that's sick. So I did a research on this issue just to help me understand why does this have to happen (I mean, is it required or something?). However, good thing the electricity's back to its normal state somehow..

1) About to publish a blog post 
but didn't because of a blackout?
2) Watching the best part of a movie
but gone mad because of a blackout?
3) Sleeping comfortably in bed but 
woke up suddenly because of a blackout?
4) About to finish a report or document
but failed to save it because of a blackout?
5) Met the love of your life in an online chat
but haven't asked his/her name because of a blackout?
6) Witnessed a snatcher grabbing stuffs 
in a department store during a blackout?
7) Tripped in the stairs and broke your leg
trying to rush to the kitchen to grab a candle
because of a blackout?
8) Had the best party in your life but it
all turned out to come to an end since 
the club had no generators all because of a blackout?

well.. normally blackouts come in a bad timing.

So how and when did it all started? Last February 27, 2014, the blackouts began in the entire Mindanao grid. But why? Well, I asked an electrical engineer I know from Gensan, Engr. Bruce Plaza (whom I refer as Kuya bruce), about this power shortage. The main reasons of this blackout in Davao (and in Mindanao) are the following...
Blackouts normally happen because of power shortage caused by disturbances in the source of electricity. We have some power plants such as the Maria Cristina Falls (which powers the AGUS VI Hydroelectric Power Plant) located in Iligan City (supplies approx. 40% of Mindanao) and STEAG State Power Inc. which is the largest power plant in Mindanao.
Well, the explanation here is somewhat environmental. Since it is summer, minimal rains occur. Therefore, there is lower water intake in the Hydro power plant. In simpler words, Maria Cristina Falls experience dry out during summer thus low power is produced (does Global Warming have something to do with this?). Before the bulk of water above will pass through the falls, it is being absorbed to the plant and used to operate the machine to generate power.
STEAG Power Plant is located in Misamis Oriental and it is a Coal-Fired Power Plant type. Some technical difficulty occurred in the plant last February 27, thus causing an island-wide blackout. However, last Wednesday (May 7), the STEAG's 105-MW Power Plant resumes one out of its two electric generators. This helped relieve the long blackouts. Click >> Manila Standard Today for more info.

So most of us.. (including me) blame Davao Light for such blackouts. However, the truth is, due to lack of power supply in the entire Mindanao (such as the mentioned shutdown of STEAG and low water intake in AGUS VI), Davao light could no longer supply the whole city with enough power through its own generators

So you might be asking, why do the rotating blackouts have to occur?
Aside from power shortage, rotating blackouts or blackouts affecting small areas in succession have to occur in order to conserve the electricity especially when the power is low. If, rotating blackouts don't occur, imagine the whole month of April without any blackouts (which is totally cool!), but the entire month of May all shutdown (which is totally horrifying!). In other words, it is like distributing the power equally to each homes in order to avoid a whole day (or week) blackout in your home.

You might want to check out Davao's schedule of blackouts here

Also, check out the official website of Mindanao's largest Power Plant
>> Steag State Power Inc.

Check the National Grid Corporation (NGCP) of the Philippines for more information about the Power Transmission
>> National Grip Corporation

Shoutout to my friend Esmar, look I featured you in my blog! LOL

So yeah, hope you learned something in this post! By the way, thanks to Engr. Bruce Plaza for the informations shared. :) If you have any concerns, reactions or questions feel free to comment below! Thanks a lot for droppin by! <3




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