Yellow Fin Davao: Fine Dining

Yellow Fin Davao
Conveniently located at Ecoland Davao City, Yellow Fin offers fine dining and delicious cuisines that will surely satisfy every craving. A wide variety of delicacies such as grills, soups, drinks, desserts and most especially, seafood are awaiting in every order. Yellow Fin has been serving customers with Deliciously Davao dishes for over 21 years.

The interior
The counter where seafood orders are displayed
The History
Yellow Fin opened in 1992 under the name Karinderya. It is a family-owned business located in Davao City. Its evolution through the years came up into one of Davao's most visited restaurants and is now considered a Davao Landmark- thus the Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant.

Who says ponds are only for exteriors?
Interior gardens are a trend in most restaurants
Everything Deliciously Davao!
Yellow Fin, together with its great customer service, is a one stop definitely worth trying. This restaurant comprises simple interiors incorporated with nature- definitely fit for the whole family. The minimalist designs compliments the colorful cuisines served in this must-try place.

Simple interior
The lighting in the ceiling gives a dramatic effect in the whole area. Talk about relaxing.
Condiments in every table
The much awaited Flavorsome Food
Yellow Fin not only limits its available orders in seafood specialties. If you're not in the mood for seafood, then a whole lot of other mouthwatering dishes are on the menu. Name it from pork, chicken, and desserts, Yellow Fin surely won't disappoint.

Tinolang Manok
Delicious soup
Pomelo Salad
Great dish while waiting for the main meals
Crispy Pata
The dish I've been craving this day! Tastes like heaven.
Leche Flan. Perfect dessert.
Creamy Oreo
Carrot Shake
Mango Shake
The thirst quenchers. The great way to fill up.

All these meals only at 1,200 php. A family celebration at this place is worth it. Visit the official website at Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant and like them in Facebook at Yellow Fin for more infos and reservations. Other convenient branches are located at Yellow Fin Torres and Yellow Fin Lanang.

Operating Hours:
Mon-Sun 10am to 2pm; 5pm-9:30pm
Closed on Sundays

Serving since 1992

June 12 Family Celebration! Happy Birthday to my dad!

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