Alley Cat: Tea House

Summer heat is off and rainy season is on. A couch potato like me definitely needs a better place to stay. On a tiresome day, shopping and food-tripping with friends are some of the best ideas to kill the blahs. After walking for apparently an hour and shopping led to indecisiveness to where we should go next, a place like Alleycat Tea House will surely be the best option.

Located at Door #7, The Site, E. Jacinto Ext. Street Cor. V Mapa Street, Davao City
Milk Tea Fever
Are you a fan of tea? How about milk? Maybe melon or chocolate? Don't you know that mixing up the perfect combination may result to better-tasting milk teas? Yes milk teas.. usually great when served cold with black pearls and a few sweeteners. Well just a short info worth sharing, the famous Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea actually originated in the early 80's from a tea shop in Taichung, Taiwan.

The welcoming ambience of Alleycat
What's the flavor of the month?
The relaxing interiors of Alleycat adds up to the customers' list of "Reasons why I must come back.". As the name itself, the place is filled with random kawaii doodles and cute cat figures. Alley cat is defined as a stray cat or domesticated homeless cat. Basically we the customers are the stray cats looking for a place to stay on a tiring day, thus the Alleycat Tea House.

Simple furniture that add to the relaxing atmosphere
Albums all piled.. Some of which belong to Davao's talented young artists 
Creative shelves with free books for reading
This tea house is not just a mini-library but also a DOODLE place

Vintage Finds
Check out some vintage stuffs found here in this cute vintage Tea House. Stray cats (word I coined for customers) not only get a comforting aura for reading free books and doodling, but also get to enjoy a couple of unique vintage kinds..

Turntables? They still do exist here in this vintage tea house
Vinyl records are found here! Customers may play the records on the turntable. bring back the old times
That amazing vintage Canon film-camera we found here was heavy though LOL

Yummy Cravings
Now presenting the specialty of this kawaii shop.. We had a sip of Alleycat's Royal Milk Tea (only at 80 php). The perfect blend of sweetness in ice together with gummy black pearls all in one mason jar. Every sip contains a piece of joy. Other flavored teas such as chocolate, wintermelon, passion fruit and other yummy drinks are served here as well (Visit their Facebook to know the flavor of the month!). 

The Royal Milk Tea
Every jar of tea has a free oatmeal cookie
Clingy black pearls on a jar
Of course, the perfect partner for every drink is a fine read, a piece of cookie or mesmerizing music.

Hi Carl! I don't exactly know if he's really reading though LOL!
Say hi to my dimple friend Lorraine! She sure loves that cookie :D
Alleycat second floor
The second floor is a space where customer's doodles are displayed
More books! Feel at home guys.
That cute entrance of the comfort room. Cats everywhere!

It's been a fun and worthy day. So if you are a Potato Couch, better spend your laziness in a more relaxing place like Alleycat Tea House.. If you need a place to study or research or maybe just spend the whole day wanting to get comfy, you'd know where to go. By the way, shout out to my friends Lorraine Ledesma and Carl Militar for the awesome day. Three little stray cats found the purrrrr-fect place and enjoyed the stay.

Random pose. Funny though.

Now brewing

Visit the official facebook for more infos and tea choices>> Alleycat Tea House Facebook


  1. me love milk tea.. perfect for sunny day..
    that place was so coozy, suitable for meet up with bff

    1. yes absolutely! <3 tea shops are really relaxing :D :) by the way thanks for dropping by! <3

  2. hahahaha bai, lamia ui! Makamiss ang alleycat >.< hehe

  3. wow i fancy those jars (whatever that is) where the milkshakes are contained! How i'd love to try that place out! im a milk tea person and the place looks homey and cute and comfortable <3




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