Vikings Davao: Eat Like a Viking

A Feast from the Sea
A well spent celebration can only happen once or twice a month.. But, not here in this luxury buffet wherein celebrations happen almost everyday! With elegance, grandeur and astonishing architecture, an experience here is worthwhile. How many rounds do you think you can handle? What are you waiting for? Eat like a Viking!

Welcome to Vikings!
Why Vikings?
If you search for the meaning of the word Vikings, basically they are warriors from the past who ruled the seas. These Scandinavian people are known for their ships, and savage aura who would literally spend grand feasts that wouldn't last until they are satisfied. Having a dine at this modern luxury buffet would make you experience how a Viking lifestyle during a feast would be. Time to get those jaws ready for some duration of chewing.

The Focal Point of Vikings
The Architecture
Who wouldn't want a free-flowing buffet style with less traffic? Aside from the classic modern design, this restaurant offers a well-planned circulation. With its circular plan and meals all segregated in place, customers get the luxury of grabbing a meal with ease. Various delicacies from viands to rice, drinks and appetizers of all types are located around the area, while desserts are located at the inner circle of the plan. Talk about well-designed architecture..

Circular Plan
Jaw-dropping modern design

Plates and utensils are provided on all parts of the row. Now all you have to do is decide what to eat. I assure you, you'll be confused just by looking at the vast selection of mouthwatering treats.

Ready, Set, Go!

A Tour from Asia to Europe to America: International Cuisines Now Serving
The following sights you are about to see will literally make you hungry. Have a tour around the world with delicacies this buffet has to offer. From the Asian Station, Italian Station, Drinks Station, Roasting Station, Salad Station & Dessert Station, you'll surely say one plate is definitely not enough.. Read the Captions, it will help in your navigation.

Shabu-Shabu from Japan: Cook them first before devouring!
Nachos of Mexico and Pizzas: You would want that after all.
The Caviar Station (from the Caspian Sea): some garnishing to add flavor to your meal
Cheddar Cheese of England and other cheese collection: perfect with bread
Baguette of France at the Bread Station: and a lot more types of bread
Vegetable Station: a Vegetarian's haven
Nigiri-zushi of Japan: a combination of rice, seafood, vegetables & fruits
More Sushi collection: I personally love the Futo Maki and Mango Wrap
Kimchi of Korea: Do your own Korea's National Dish with the ingredients available
Tempura of Japan: battered or deep fried? I'm sure it will taste great both ways
Yakisoba of China: the Noodle Station! Pick your own Noodles.
Steak grilled by a chef: Have a taste of
the world's most popular cut of meat on a grill
Roast Beef of England: Now you get to savor England's Famous dish
Potatoes, Carrots and Corns: make your plate more flavorsome with these add-ons
Sauce, Korean Pork and Sweet & Chili
Pork Liempo
of Philippines: Sauce up your meat!
Seafood Station: Enjoy the waters 
Pizza of Italy: Great Snacks if your'e done with your meal
Viand Station: There are meals inside those Chafing Dish
like Fish Fillet with Mushroom Sauce, Diwal with Taosi ChiliCrabs and a whole lot more!
Noodles with sauce: some staple food to satisfy your craving

Well, you think we're done? Don't forget desserts and Drinks to top it all off!

Chocolate Cravings: Cream Puff (a French Dessert), Leche Flan (Popular in Western Europe & Philippines), Banana Cake, and Coco Rum Balls all make up your sweet temptations.
Brownies (originated in Chicago): a mini-cake like dessert popular  around the world
Chocolate Jelly: No more to hunger with all these desserts on your plate
Dessert Station: Grab another one it's buffet after all
and more Flavored Jellies
Fruit Section: Health conscious people need not to worry about Dessert
Chocolate Fountain and Vanilla Fountain: need I say more?
A cute machine at the Dessert Station!

When you think your done devouring everything in this place, don't forget to drink up to finish your viking experience.

Juice Station: Fill your glass with a variety of flavors! 
Soju of Korea and Wines: If your'e down for some alcohol, wine up!
Wine Galore: Ask dad if he wants one
Espresso Coffee: Thank Angelo Moriondo, the earliest discoverers of
the Espresso Machine
Soft Drink Machine: pick your favorite
The wine in this buffet requires a separate bill

Unlimited meals and unlimited possibilities, that's what you'll end up imagining. Wanna know how my plate looked like?

That's plate number 1
This is plate number 2

And basically everything in this post is what I apparently ate.. There are some stations I haven't stopped by though. But, all I can say is, where will everything I greedily ate go? Now I'm a viking.. because I ate like one. 

Table and Sofa
Vikings is a package of elegance and quality service. With their friendly staff, neat work station & kitchen, great circulation flow & less traffic, international cuisines and excellent buffet atmosphere, one's costly bill is pretty much worthwhile. Having indulge these dishes prepared by world-class chefs deserves a great value while satisfying oneself with everything this luxury place has to offer.

The clean kitchen of the chefs

Want some Tips before indulging your Viking Experience?

1) Take photos as much as you can. You'll never 
have this moment all the time.
2) Have one plate at a time. Do not ever overload your plate. 
You don't wanna end up having digestion problems. 
3) Grab your meals in order. If your done with first round, 
try another station and take another round as much as you can.
4) If someone is celebrating a Birthday, state it
You'd want a surprise right?
5) Don't wear tight, slim clothes on a Viking experience, girls! 
You don't wanna look puffy on your tummy 
after the wholesome appetite. LOL.

Thanks to Kuya Myk Moriel for this Vikings Experience with my Family. Happy Birthday to my sister as well! She's the one on skype LOL. Juliet Jumawan.
Happy Birthday sis! Greeting from the Vikings LOL

Vikings Luxury Buffet was awarded with the title "Most Promising Retailer" for 2013 by the Philippines Retailers Association.

Unforgettable food adventure! Now I've Finally tasted the dishes I've always longed for. With over 400 dishes available, it is definitely an unlimited feast. Vikings is a proudly Pinoy buffet. It is great to experience my sister's birthday here. Though she's in New Jersey, we had dinner as if she's with us through Skype. Distance would never set us apart, and food as well.

Vikings has 5 branches in the Philippines. Vikings has its branch here in
Davao at SM Lanang Premier.

For more infos visit the offcial Website:
and Follow them on Facebook:

Hello readers. Hope you enjoyed this post! Sorry for the Hiatus mode but I can assure you I'll never leave my blog. Just stay tuned all the time. Thanks a lot! :)


  1. Your presentation as well as the pics is mouth watering. I wanna go back there again. This Kadayawan perhaps? hahahaha... Nice work Jai... Keep it up!

    1. thank you so much kuya myk for always dropping by my blog! :D cge cge why not in Kadayawan? :D LOL!!!




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