Yoh Froz Davao: Yogurt Craving

The easiest way to escape busy schedules and hassle deadlines is to indulge in a food adventure. Think about a healthy snack.. Yes, Yogurt! YohFroz offers a bunch of healthy flavors along with its relaxing interiors and convenient location. With deadlines fast approaching, a yogurt escapade will definitely ease the student-life-tension.

Offcial Website: YohgurtFroz
Located at Davao Autoville Center, F. Torres St. (near Nonki and Let's Crab Eat), Davao City

All About Yogurt
Yogurt is a cultured product produced by fermented lactic acid bacteria. But enough about the bacteria, yogurt has a longer shelf-life and is absolutely flavorful. The "yogurt cultures" ,or simply known as the good ones in the bacteria clan, is responsible for the yogurt's texture.

The interior
Minimalist design
Yoh Froz
This little yogurt shop found in Torres Davao city serves delicious yogurt and other healthy yet mouth-watering treats. A selection of Banana Split, Parfait, Waffles, Frookies, Milk Shake, Smoothies, Bars and Beverages will lighten up a warm, lazy day. Customers can have yogurt in plain or flavored topped with a variety of toppings. Also, with Yoh Froz's simple minimalist interior design, one can enjoy the company of oneself or others in a cozy, tranquil atmosphere.

The menu
Servings of different sizes

Yoh Froz is a neat place with quality service, definitely a shop worth coming back for. Yogurt as its main product complements with the white and blue theme designs of this cute little shop.

Available Toppings
Yogurt Machines
Other available treats aside from Yogurt
Yummy bars
The calm-and-chill ambience of Yoh Froz can accommodate students and is also a great rendezvous for meetings and meet-ups. The establishment is wifi-ready and is convenient for laptop-users.

Hello guys
Hi Abiel
Busy guy
Yogurt FEAT!
A work in progress would never be successful without a break. The Yogurt escapade begins! The combination of sweet, cold and soft texture of Yogurt calms every tense nerves especially on busy students like those guys above LOL.

Flavored Yogurt at 85 php
Strawberry Milk Shake at 135 php
Strawberry Banana Smoothies at 135 php
Plain Yogurt with toppings and Strawberry

Since it is a strawberry galore, this post shall be named Strawberry Saturday! Unconsciously, we ordered strawberry flavors in our yogurt treats. Time to chill and escape the frustrating deadlines for now.

Strawberry Galore
Yogurt treats
Yummy Yoh Froz experience! Say hi to the boys behind LOL

Hello readers! It's been awhile since I have updated my blog! I've been busy in school lately and apparently I'm on hiatus mode with my blog since then.. But thanks for still checking up for some new posts! Hope you enjoyed this chill yogurt experience of ours and comments are very much appreciated. Love Lots and thanks for dropping by!

Visit these websites for some Yoh Froz escape

Say hello to Duke and Joe!


  1. Hahaha! Lamia! Visit tayo dito again :D With yowmehn :D Nice ang place.

    1. haha kaya nga mehn. cute masyadoo ang place :D dito tayo tambay soon :3

  2. Ahhh! This made me crave for a froyo!!!




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