Red Corner: The Main Event

Red Corner Burger Cafe
Burgers are the best. I mean, who wouldn't love burgers? Red Corner is just the perfect way to indulge on succulent burger options with a cool unique theme. If you're a fan of both boxing and burgers, this would be your haven. But if you're a fan of just the latter, you still wouldn't want to miss out this burger cafe that offers the juiciest burgers in town.

The Wall of Fame: Customers who could finish "The Greatest" Burger within 5 minutes will be posted in this wall.
Burger options on the wall
Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup for the main courses
Conveniently located at Mabini St. corner Araullo St. Davao City, this place will surely give you satisfaction. In the Red Corner, burgers weigh surprisingly enough for a meal. Also packed with fries and a punch of iced tea, these burgers will surely knock you out. Every burger is named after a boxer so you better wanna try Pacman, Sugar Ray and Iron. Lights out, are you ready for the main event?

Thunder (Arturo Gatti)
topped with blue cheese and sauteed mushroom only at 135 php.

Dinamita (Juan Manuel Marquez)
topped with cheddar cheese and sunny side up egg only at 110 php.

Hands of Stone (Roberto Duran)
topped with cheese sauce, country fried bacon and drizzled with smokey barbeque sauce

All orders are served with fries and iced tea.

Can't get enough? You might wanna try one now especially "The Geatest" Muhammad Ali (two 1/2 pound charboiled beef patties capped with honey-cured bacon, country fried bacon, cheese sauce) at 450 php but will be Free of charge if the customer can devour every bit within 5 minutes. Will you take the challenge? 

Check out their official facebook here at Red Corner FB. Open from Monday to Saturday at 11:00am to 9:00pm. Thanks for dropping by!

Exterior facade
Red Corner Logo
Tempting hmmm.

Thanks to my 'burger buddies' Carl and Lorraine! Any comments or reactions? Just let me know by posting below! Have a nice day ☺




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