Yaki Mix: Irasshaimase!

Enjoy Japanese cuisines in a buffet style restaurant.

Sumptuous meals, luxurious interior, wide variety of options and.. unlimited serving? All these may be simply coined into this must-try restaurant; Yaki Mix. As a food junkie, you wouldn't dare to miss out this place that offers Japanese dishes; name it from sushi, maki, and sashimi. Aside from an eat-all-you-can Japanese meal, don't forget to try out some Chinese and Korean dishes. Nevertheless, I must say that the highlight of this resto is not the food served for you but the dishes you cook for yourself! Yes, 'cause you can bring out the Chef in you as you grill in your own table! 

The hanging chandelier-like deco gives a unique and grand impression 
Comfortable dining area
Buffet style
Intricate design
Irasshaimase! (いらっしゃいませ!) which means "Welcome to the store!" is the first thing you hear as you enter this elegant grillin' place. The best seats in my opinion are the ones near the buffet table. The amazing and fun smokeless grill is safe and is impressively topped with olive oil (one of the safest cooking oil). As you get cozy and comfortable, don't hesitate to devour on some grilled dishes and Japanese meals which are worth every penny. Finally, fill in your foodie pleasure with unlimited drinks that sums up your memorable stay.

Smokeless Grill
Grilled food
Lovely containers for condiments

This is the time to indulge in a sushi-all-you-want mode. Flavoresome Japanese cuisines are awaiting!

Do-it-yourself meal
More add ons in presentable jars
The sushi escapade!
Some Chinese delicasies

Colorful yet flavorful Japanese recipes line up the buffet table. However, this may not be everyone's cup of tea. Nonetheless, other non-Japanese mouth watering dishes are served here.

Delicious hot soups
Yummy viands
More meals
Appetizers worth trying
More dishes
What more can you ask for?
The right ingredients to add up some spice on your meal
Beautiful presentation
Here's the seafood section
and the Fruit station
and the unlimited drinks of all types

Lastly, a splurge on desserts and sweets would complete the ultimate Yaki Mix experience. Nothing could be more perfect than being surrounded with chocolates, cakes and crepes!

That's my dessert plate
Cute desserts in mini cups
Dessert station would not be complete without a chocolate fountain!

So, are your taste buds craving for these yet? This is definitely another restaurant in Davao worth trying. Located in 2nd level Abreeza Mall, J.P. Laurel Ave. Bajada Davao city, you could now enjoy unlimited dishes at an acceptable price. 

Happy Birthday to my Anything-Japanese-Lover friend Leamie
We get to dine here for the first time because of her!
Say hi to my best friends Carl, Leamie and Alyssa!

Hope you enjoyed my blog! Please feel free to comment below and let me know about your random thoughts! Have a nice day ☺


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    1. yes it is! ☺ thanks for dropping by as well! ☺ keep safe!

  2. Bai, lamia ui. balik ta diri beh! haha. Ka nice sa quality sa cam mo bai :D




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