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Tired of the usual Fast Food restaurants? Or have you decided to change your usual routine? If you finally made a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, you might want to begin by eating "green". The only place in Davao that offers veggie meals is located in Quimpo Boulevard, 1st St, Talomo District, Davao City, Davao del Sur. After an exhausting jog, you might want to have a breakfast fit for a vegetarian at the Vegan Hygienic Foodhaus.

Located along the highway at Quimpo Boulevard
This tiny place is noticeable with its green "healthy" exterior

I discovered this place when my parents started a healthy diet. This simple food house offers a variety of veggie-filled meals from breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. 

Raw Vegetable Salad (Black Olive) 
The salad is filled with lettuce topped with carrots, black olives, carrots and mayonnaise.

Healthy Sandwich at 40 php.
This is not like the usual sandwich since the bread itself is wheat bread filled with vegan mayo.

Apple Juice at 85 php.
Carrot Juice at 90 php.

Palabok at 80 php.

The counter

With the usual hectic schedule, people nowadays find it a bit difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, drinking adequate amounts of water, having enough sleep, eating a balanced meal and exercise daily are some of the basics in order to achieve an ill-free health. It is crucial to take care of oneself and never skip a meal. Going green is one step forward to a delightful, longer life.

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  1. I love palabok looks so yummy. This food house is perfect for vegetarian. Would go try this when we visit Davao. Office Supplies Davao City




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