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I am a food junkie, yes. I blog mostly about food and whatever interests me. Basically my interests include art and craft, designing and architecture. I've been a blogger since the 17th of April 2014. What led me to this new venture in the blogosphere was when my best friend Lysafae convinced me to blog. I felt a little bit apprehensive about it since I am not skillful in grammar and the only thing I'm good at is sketching and feeding my dogs. But that didn't stop me, and later discovered that blogging is my channel to stress-relieving. 

I am but a typical school girl. My high school years we're tough and I remember just a bit of every memory; specifically the moment I found my clique. Later, for some reason, as senior year was about to end I found love in Architecture. I'm so stoked with all the drawing and rendering tasks my cousin (who is now an apprentice) have and that's the reason I chose it over a Medical Course. I took the bloody shot anyways.

As far as I could reminisce, I told myself I can't survive this strenuous course. But luckily, I am now one step away to graduation (4th yr). My college life in Ateneo de Davao University as a BS Architecture student is filled with unfathomable mixed-emotions. I did a lot of things I never thought I'd be into in the past years. I had my first experience in a pageant, had a bit of confidence with myself and joined organizations only during my college life. I guess I still haven't brought out the best in me and now is the time. I had chances now that we're never given to me before.

Being a new blogger, I aim to share my experiences to the readers in my own way. This may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is such a pleasure to impart simple happy thoughts, knowledge and smiles through pictures and words made by yours truly. Thanks for wasting your few precious seconds in reading my short bio. Oh and one more thing, just to tell you, I am a bathroom singer, frustrated drummer and amateur actress.. a really comical yet crazy actress I tell you LOL. Have a nice day.

Thanks for droppin by!


Casey Miras said...

nice blog jaiz! :D keep it up! :)

Stephanie Guo said...

Your blog and pictures are super cute! Really artsy :)

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